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Exciting hydrographic survey master thesis at PRiMAB

Z-Boat_collageDuring the spring semester Sebastian Karlin will perform his master thesis at PRiMAB. Sebastian has earlier worked at PRiMAB in the Aitik 36 project but during the last five years he has been studying natural resources civil engineering at the technical university of Luleå.

Within the frame of the master thesis sedimentation ponds, water filled mines, lakes and flowing waters will be echo sounded. The results will be compared with conventional depth measurement. The purpose is to learn signal characteristics and to establish calibration curves for different types of water floors in the mining industry.

In the second phase, market introduction, the instruments will be mounted inside a radio controlled boat in order to make fast and cost effective hydrographic surveys. The results will be presented in 3-D graphics.“This is a technically interesting project directly connected to my training as an environmental engineer”, Sebastian says.